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Thursday, June 29, 2017

#106: Post-Mission as an RM (Returned Missionary)

  (It was too late to go to IN-N-OUT the night Preston got home, so the next day, he got to go for lunch.  But just before lunch, he and his dad and brother went to the AT&T store to get him a new phone. )

(Before leaving the mission, Preston wrote down some of the things he hoped to do once he got home.  One of the things on that list, was to go to the temple.  We were able to go together, along with his Grammy Val)

The Reno Temple
(Here are all the family members that came for Preston's homecoming talk
and Preston's niece Baylor's blessing)
(We were super excited that two of the family's that have son's serving in
Chihuahua were able to travel to Reno to meet us for the first time, and
to be there for Preston's homecoming.  Elder Johnson was even one of Preston's
companions!  These two missionary momma have become such a strength to me.
We felt like we have known each other for a long time)
(Here is us missionary mommas re-inacting our sons in the above picture.
Had we looked at it beforehand, we should have gave a thumbs up!)
(With it being Baylor's blessing day, this meant that Preston
was able to stand in the circle to help with the blessing)

(Preston with Daniel Perez.  He has always
taken an interest in Preston's mission.  We're so
glad he was able to attend today because his family
moved to Texas just a couple weeks before Preston got home)

(So happy that Preston was able to meet the two elders that have been
serving in our ward and have heard so much about him.
Elder Bridge, and Elder White)

(I made this with one of Preston's mission shirts and the tie
that he wore as he left Reno bound for Mexico)

(After church, we had a few friends and family come over for
some food and to visit)

(My friend Melody made this special cake for him)
(When Preston came home, Elder Fardos and Elder Johnson
gave him one of their mission tags to give to their families.
We had to take a picture of these three great dads wearing
their son's tag)
(So grateful for all these friends and family)

(We have talked about Uncle Preston to Krew his whole life
so it made it an easy adjustment for him to love him.
This picture makes my heart so happy)
(We took Preston to a Mexican restaurant and he felt
like he was back in Chihuahua and that he took us there.
He even ordered for all of us in Spanish. He said it was
pretty authentic Mexican food.
You can take him out of Mexico, but his heart will always be there!)

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