This is Alison, Preston's mom. I will be posting things on this blog during Preston's mission. Preston will not have access to this blog until after his mission. If you would like to send him an email please see his contact information, located to the right of this blog. Thanks

Monday, April 10, 2017

#93: Easter Box

Wow!  That's crazy to hear about all the changes in the Stake!   President Baggett, huh?  That's cool.  How was your interview dad with the member of the Seventy? Pretty dope stuff as always? haha

 (Our stake had two members of the Seventy, Elder Clayton and Rasband were here this weekend to release our Stake President, Ren S. Johnson because during General Conference, he was called as an Area of Seventy.  It was an emotional conference because we've loved those who served in the Stake Presidency-President Johnson, President Lyons, and President Baggett.  We will continue to love and support our new Stake Presidency-President Baggett, President Rader, and President Krum)

Yesterday we had two investigators at church but one of them, his mom said she doesn't want us teaching her son, which is super sad because he loves the church and has tons of friends there.  If you could keep him and his mom in your prayers would be great.  His name is Johann Diaz and Nora is his mom.  

I got the Easter package!  Yep, everything got here safe and sound. Thanks mom.  My companion liked his package too.   Today we deep cleaned the house. Check out the ceiling in my apartment.  The ceiling is made with egg cartons! haha This house sucks, to be honest.  It's hard to find time to do the studies that my companion (Elder Farrera) and I need to do, but we do it! :)  His training is coming along. The weather here is not humid, just hot.  I burned my nose the other day with all the sun, and my back is always super sweaty all day long!!

Mom-have you been able to make any of those doctor appointments for me after the mission?
Have you already started making plans and stuff for when I am home?  I was talking to Elder Larsen and told him that school starts on the 21st of August, but we can't move into the apartment until September 1st. 
(I had to be sure Preston knew that Elder Larsen's mom offered for him to stay with them until he could move in. So sweet of her.  I also told him that the one thing I'm guessing we will do, is make a trip to Utah in July so he can tour the campus and the apartment he will be living in)

Sweet!  I want to be there when Elder Larsen comes home!  He gets home July 26th!

Love you,
Elder Fowler

This week's scripture to "Ponderize" is:
John 11:25-26
Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live:
26 And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this?

My Companion-Elder Farrera-Fresh from the CCM

The Easter box arrived!!

(I'm mailing off the last package I will be sending
Elder Fowler as a missionary-kinda sad about that actually)