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Monday, September 14, 2015

#11-Temple Rededication

This week has been kind of a typical week in the mission field.  I've been feeling a lot better after going to the doctors last week for my stomach.  I think it's getting better which is really good.  I really enjoy Elder Arnold, he's like a brother to me.  (he is a zone leader to Preston) He was the one who took me to the hospital and helped translate everything for me! haha  Doctor talk is hard enough to understand in English! haha  I enjoy eating with the members because they are awesome people and super strong in the gospel.  And don't forget the food!  I haven't had one day where I didn't want seconds!  (I asked Preston if they have a microwave and if he'd like me to send him popcorn) We have a microwave and we use it sometimes, but maybe occasionally popcorn would be nice...popcorn here is a bit different haha.  We have no stove which sucks, but we have this electric plug-in stovetop but it's pretty awful. haha  Right now we don't have any hot water because our boiler broke and we need a new one.  So, I've taken plenty of cold showers in the morning... hopefully it's fixed before winter comes!

On Sunday, September 13th, church was a little different because we attended the re-dedication of the México City Temple, in Cuauhtemoc, via broadcast.  There were three sessions, each an hour and half long.  We attended all three so we had "church" from 8am-3:30pm!  I felt like dad with all his long meetings each Sunday!  President Henry B. Eyring  presided and Elder Jeffrey R. Holland were the general authorities that were there.  Elder Holland is amazing!  He bore his testimony in Spanish, and I could understand every word!  Even though we were hundreds of miles away from the ceremony, I felt the Spirit so strong just as if I was in the temple itself with these amazing brethren!  I've never attended a dedication before and I was really impressed.  After attending, my desire to go to the temple is even stronger now!  The temple truly is a heaven on Earth!  I know Heavenly Father accepts all of the temples as a House unto Him.

I love you all.
I know the Lord is blessing each of you.
Love your missionary,
Le Amo,
Elder Fowler

He gave no description-I know he's at a member's house though.

Overlooking the area where his is serving; Anáhuac

(I ordered these mini missionaries because it makes me think of
Elder Fowler (Left) and his companion, Elder Vergara (Right)
Now, if their hair color could be swapped)