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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

#79: Week of Changes (Transfers)

Hey!  I'm finally able to talk to you guys!  Feels like forever, but that's alright! Well, as far as the changes for me....I'm still a zone leader in Centro!  But, I have a new companion because Elder Sanchez was made an AP (Assistant to the President).  His name is Elder Rojas; he's from Panama and has been out about 15 months!!  He has a different accent so I'm gonna have to learn to understand him better!haha  Today we had Leadership Council with President Montoya!  It was really good, and I think later this week, I'm gonna have to train my missionaries in my zone on it!  Wish me luck! :P  As a zone, we had 6 baptisms in the month of December.  That was the second highest for the mission.

(I had asked him if he had to pay to use the computer at the internet cafe)
When I write you guys each week, I pay like 20 pesos, which is like a dollar for an hour and a half.
I love the pictures I'm sending you with President and Sister Montoya! :)  I really love them!! Like my belt and shoes?  The other kid is just 15 years old.  His name is Diego and reminds me so much of Brecken because he has Brecken's type of hair cut.  I had the opportunity to interview him to be baptized, and so I got to know him really well!  Love the kid!  And, here is the picture I showed you during our Skype time with Elder Fardos. I think it will make you happy mom :)
(Elder Fardos mom and I have met through a missionary FB page for our son's mission and hoped that they would one day get to meet since us mom's like each other so much.  I told Preston if he ever gets to meet him, to be sure and take a picture and that I'm sure he won't think it's weird because I'm pretty sure his mom had told him about Preston too. So, I'm so happy that he followed through and took a picture together.  Makes a missionary momma's heart happy)

Love your missionary,
Elder Fowler

This week's scripture to "Ponderize" is:
1 Corinthians 13:13
And now abideth faithhopecharity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.

Elder Fowler with President and Sister Montoya
(His mission president)
(He's been wanting to get a picture with them for
a while now.)
Diego who I interviewed for baptism
Look Mom, It's Elder Fardos!!