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Monday, February 15, 2016

#33: Goal Achieved!!

Hello friends and family...or shall I say, Hola mis amigos y famiha!  This year has been really good and it seems like each day is faster than the last!  Which means that I'm only given less time here in Mexico.  I'm kind of sad about that as each day passes.  I have less days to be here in Mexico, serving the people that I've come to love!

This last week, the weather has been really nice!  I'm starting to sweat throughout the day!  We don't even wear our sweaters during the day.  That only means that summer is right around the corner and the heat of Chihuahua will be upon us.  On Monday, we had a Zone Conference in La Junta, which was really awesome.  Afterwards, we played soccer (futbol) for a couple hours.  I must say, with all the practice, I'm getting pretty good!haha  Then on Tuesday, we took the bus to go to Cuauhtemac for a Capacitation with Presidente and Hermana Chavez.  I learned quite a lot from both of them.  They are really great and I love them so much.

Last night was really tough on me... I threw up 4 times and probably got less than 4 hours of sleep, which makes today really hard...I'm gonna take a nap for sure!  Today my body really aches and is sore.. I don't want to do much of anything today :(

Each Tuesday and Friday, I teach an English class which is really fun.  I never thought I could teach English in a different language but hey, that's what I'm doing!  They all have a funny accent when they try to talk in English! haha  I get a kick out of it.  I enjoy it and I think the people I teach do too.

We didn't have a baptism this weekend but hopefully on the 27th of this month we will be baptizing two people, a husband and wife,  Carmelo and Moraina.  They are really excited, and so are we. Something that I've learned is investigators have a hard time keeping specific commitments that we give them.  Especially attending church...Every Sunday before church, we go to our investigators houses and knock for some time. haha   Lots of times we wake them up to make it to church at 10:00am!!!

But, this week at church we were able to bring 7 investigators to sacrament meeting!  That's the most we've ever had here in Guerrero!  Also, they had the opportunity to listen to the words of Presidente and Hermana Chavez!  That's right, they came to Guerrero this week and what was even more special, was we reached our goal to have 50 people in attendance during sacrament meeting!  Today the branch had 51 people!  This week, all of our hard work and obedience brought forth blessings from the Lord.

I really enjoy seeing  the Lord at work when we do all we can to bring others unto Christ.  I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for the rest of my mission.

I love you and know that you are in good hands while I'm south of the border!
Le amo,
Elder Fowler

This week's scripture is 1 Nephi 18:16  I really like this one!

16 Nevertheless, I did look unto my God, and I did praise him all the day long; and I did not murmur against the Lord because of mine afflictions.

Together as a zone in Cuauhtemac

Capacitation in Cuauhtemac

Elders-Fowler, Beeson, and Anton
They all were in the CCM together and arrived in the
mission field on the same day.