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Thursday, August 6, 2015

#5 Answer to a Very Specific Prayer

This week has been super awesome and such a spiritual experience!  Fast Sunday here was pretty awesome!  Sacrament meeting is just with my zone, so the sacrament portion only takes like 5 minutes- tops!   The CCM (missionary training center) is such a spiritual high everyday and it's literally the best! Today my district was able to go to the Mexico City Temple and I enjoyed it so much!  It's amazing that throughout the world, the feeling and message of the temple is the same! We weren't able to do a session, due to maintenance, but the visitor's center was really neat.

Spiritual Experience:
This week has been one of the best weeks thus far.  There were many spiritual experiences that have strengthened my testimony.  On Sundays after Sacrament meeting, we always have a Devotional.  This Sunday's devotional was a live broadcast from the Provo MTC.  President Nelson spoke to us and its was super spiritual.  He spoke about how we can become better missionaries.  I love when talks are so applicable to me and what I'm going through.  I kept having the thought that President Nelson is next in line of authority to become Prophet.
One of the most awesome experiences in my life happened this last Monday.  Recently, we heard a talk about being specific in our prayers.  I had the desire to learn how to roll my "r's".  My district knows that I can't.  So, on Monday evening before dinner, Elder Anton, in my district offered a specific prayer that by 9:20, I would receive the Gift of Tongues and  be able to loose my tongue and roll my "r's".  After dinner we had the rest of the night for personal study.  I used this time to practice my "r's".  At one point, I went to the restroom and stood in front of the mirror and practiced for 30 minutes.  I knew that the Lord would bless me according to my faith.  Never in my life have I needed stronger faith in the Lord.  I went back to the classroom with my companion, Elder Alford, and kept reciting "My Missionary Purpose".  In it, it has a handful of words where you roll the "r".  9:15 came and I still wasn't able to do it.  But, I didn't lose faith.  9:19 came and I tried one more time.  Everyone in my district watched on as I went through the words of "My Missionary Purpose".  My tongue was loosed and I was able to recite it perfectly with rolled "r's"! Everyone was beyond thrilled and excited.  This experience has strengthened my testimony of my Heavenly Father.  The Lord hears and answers our prayers.  The Lord works in miraculous ways.  I know that if we put our faith in Him, we can do all things with our Father in Heaven on our side.  I can't wait to see what the rest of my mission has in store.

Elder Fowler with his District

The Mexico City Temple

Inside the visitor's center at the Mexico City Temple

Elder East, Elder Fowler

Elder Riggins- his favorite missionary outside of those in his district.

His smile says it all :)

Elder Fowler, Elder Jackson