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Saturday, July 25, 2015

#3: Learning a lot about myself

Elder Fowler with his room mates.

Elder Fowler hanging out in the rain.
This week was much more challenging than my first week in the CCM. This week we started teaching two new "investigators" who are completely opposite to the gospel. One enjoys talking and is really engaged in the lessons, and the other hardly talks and is difficult to get any sort of response from him. I'm glad to be "practicing" on different types of personalities because everyone will be different out in the mission field. My Spanish is slow going but I definitely feel an increase of knowledge when I am giving a lesson. I feel the gift of tongues every time I teach an investigator. It's amazing seeing how the Lord works in miraculous ways, especially how he prepares His servants to preach the gospel.

I really enjoy my district. There are three other Elder's going to Chihuahua so I'm sure I'll be seeing them a lot for over the next two years. My companion, Elder Alford, is serving in Chihuahua as well. Being his companion has really taught me a lot about what is difficult to live with. I think the Lord is doing all He can to teach me and humble me beyond belief. My testimony of Jesus Christ and the gospel grows each day on my mission. Elder Alford and I live with Latino missionaries and one night night we were asking what their favorite song was, and one said in his best english, "Black and Yellow" by Wiz Khalifa! I laughed so hard and almost cried! I was weak, completely lost control! It was a great moment. Earlier in the week I was able to leave the CCM and go to immigration. The city was quite amazing. It definitely is nothing like the U.S. The air quality stinks like a sewer. I wanted to throw up!

I want all to know that i'm doing great and love all the emails. It helps keep my spirits strong!
Elder Fowler
Taking a selfie in the CCM with a room mate.

One of Elder Fowler's room mates

Mexico City
Showing some of the poverty in Mexico City.