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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

#95: Patriarchal Blessing-Seeing Things Come to Pass

Thanks for the emails!  The mission is great, but yet at the same time it's the hardest thing I have done!  I'm grateful for the  things which I'm experiencing because they are making me stronger.  The other day I was studying in this month's Ensign, the article about patriarchal blessings.  So, I read mine again and wow!!  It's cool to see how things mentioned in it, have already happened!!!  And, to see the promises that await in the future!  I think it would be cool if both you-mom and dad, read the copy of my blessing again.  I think you as parents can see the blessings as being great parents! :)

As far as Jahann, he couldn't come to church this week again because he had some things going on that made it so he couldn't, but who knows.... I really want him to be baptized because he will be a great influence in his family's life.

(I asked him what his thoughts are about his arrival at the airport; does he want just family there, or family and friends)
Umm.... I think I would definitely like all family possible to be there and if friends are available and wanting to come, Heck YES!!!  Like your FAB5 hahaha and all who would wanna be there!!!  Would Dylan be able to be there?  I would love to see everyone I can that day! hahaha  Everyone is invited!:)  I can't wait to see and hold Baylor and Krew! :) I'm freaking out about that!!  But I wanna make sure that everyone knows that YOU (mom) get the first hug!!!  Then everyone can try and beat the others first!! hahaha  I think I will mostly miss the people, the missionaries and converts.  Although, there's a boat load of things I wanna do before I head up to school, but there's so little time.

This week had it's challenges, but it's all working out nicely.  Tomorrow we have a special meeting with President because we are training, so it should be nice!!

(His dad asked him if he's getting excited to call home on Mother's Day in 3 weeks)
3 WEEKS?!?  Wow, that's it? I think we checked (our calendar) to see who we eat with on Mother's Day and there is still no one there. haha It' because here, Mother's Day is Wednesday, 10th of May!

(His dad told him which Sunday he will be speaking in our ward)
I'm scared I'm gonna start rambling in Spanish!!  That would be super embarrassing!  I hope Sister Wolf or Brother Perez is there to help me if I get stuck on a word!! hahaha

(His dad told him he can't wait to eat some of that salsa that Preston wants to make for us)
I can eat salsa like nothing!! haha  Like a whole jalapeño doesn't effect me!! haha
(Dad-how about a habanero pepper, is that too hot?)
I can eat it, there's some chips that they sell here that have habanero and I eat them just fine, but it's super expensive here so they don't use it that much!
( Dad-I really want to try the tortillas that you eat, they sound so good!)
Flour are the best!!  They don't taste anything like the tortillas in the states!  But, it's super east!  I wanna make some with the family as a FHE (family home evening) activity! :)

Love your son,
Elder Fowler

This week's scripture to "Ponderize" is:
Doctrine & Covenants 15:6
And now, behold, I say unto you, that the thing which will be of the most worth unto you will be to declare repentance unto this people, that you may bring souls unto me, that you may rest with them in the kingdom of my Father. Amen.

(If you watched the Popcorn Popping video that I posted on
my FB page, these actions will look familiar-I asked Preston if
Elder Sanchez has a Fit Bit or if it is his.  He said, "Umm.. that
Fit Bit WAS mine, but I love the guy so much, I gave it to him!")
Elders:Bautista, Sanchez and Fowler
Taken at a conference with President Montoya and the assistants
Elder Fowler with a favorite comp of his, Elder Sanchez. 
Today we had carne asada!!  We cooked like 5 Lbs of meat as Elders
in the zone.  By the way, we are in my house! :)
Elder Bautista and Elder Fowler 
Elder Hatch, Bautista, and Fowler
Elders: Bautista, Hatch, my comp-Farrera, Portillo, Gordillo, White and Zamacona

Elders in the zone eating carne asada.