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Monday, June 12, 2017

#102: A Baptism in the Works

Hey momma and dad!

   This Saturday we have a scheduled baptism for Gabriel de la Cueva!  We are super stoked for that!  He is a brother of a member who was less active but now he is active, thanks to Gabriel!  It's exciting to end the mission with a baptism!  I haven't had a baptism in this calendar year!! haha

(When asked how it feels to be the missionary who has been out the longest in the mission-his dad told him that here we call them "grandpa's- his response was...)
Here they call us Muertos!! haha or like "dead"!!! haha  
Next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning I will be at the mission office hardly doing anything.  I will have my last interview with President Montoya on Monday and then the "last supper" on Tuesday with them.  I think there are 4 missionaries leaving-me, one other elder and 2 sister missionaries.  I'm the only Gringo! haha  What is the name of the missionary that will be coming to the mission field next week? I will be sure and welcome him to the mish!! (It's Elder McDonald)

I am excited for school and living in Utah with Anton, Beeson and Larsen.  Like, the whole mission knows about it and they are all jealous! hahaha

I hope you enjoy the pictures.  Hermana Gonzales Garcias from Centro- my old area- invited us to Centro to eat and buy things while we were there.  She is truly my "momma Galletas"!  While we were there, we found Elder Chan and Elder Fardos in FashionMall!! haha so we went back to her house and had pizza!!!  

Wow!  Stephanie (Lyons) and Hailey (Dobbs)  leave this Wednesday???!!!  That sucks that I won't see them in FOREVER!!!  So Brother Perez will be there when I speak?  I can't wait to see him too!

Well, I can officially say that I will SEE  you next week!!!!  hahaha  
I Love you!!
Elder Fowler

(This week's scripture is one that is fitting for me as a mom:)
3 John 1:4
I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.

(Last Week's Challenge was for him to write down his testimony in his journal and send a picture of it to me.  I will be adding that to his blog next week.
This week's challenge for Elder Fowler is to tie his tie in a creative way-I sent him pictures of a couple to choose from)

(I have nearly waited his entire mission to get this picture!
Every missionary serving in this mission needs to have a
picture taken here!!  Oh Happy Day!!!)

At Hermana Gonzales Garcias house for pizza after running
into Elder Fardos and Elder Chan at FashionMall. Love this family!!!
(Julia Fardos-so happy our boys spent some more time together!)

A Chihuahua while in Chihuahua!!!

(I've been searching for a carton of milk with
the expiration date of when Elder Fowler returns/expires
in the mission.  Finally found it and love that it's on a
carton of chocolate milk because he loves chocolate milk!)