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Thursday, July 30, 2015

#4: Feeling the Hand of the Lord Work in my Life

This week has been a lot easier.  This week my companion and I taught a lesson on prayer in Spanish and it lasted about 15 minutes, and apparently, I spoke for about 10 mins!!!! I honestly had no idea.  The gift of tongues is real and I can testify of that. Each week my Spanish is getting better and better.

The spirit works in miraculous ways and I love it!  Serving a mission is the best decision that I've made in a very long time.  I encourage all the young men to serve.  You won't regret it!  I've come to love the culture and the opportunity to serve them.  They are seriously the kindest people on the planet.

This week has been tough for a lot of missionaries because about 90 of the 400 missionaries here got some type of stomach virus...Luckily, I didn't catch it so I was able to further my learning of the gospel and Spanish and not have to be bed ridden.  The Lord has definitely blessed me with good health.  The new Comidor (cafeteria) is super nice compared to the last one.  We've been eating there for the last 10 days or so.

I seriously just fall in love with little Krew each time I see pictures of him!  Absolutely Adorable.
Thank you for being my biggest support.  I love you forever and always.  Keep sending those prayers my way! :)

Elder Fowler
My district and my teacher, Hermano Palma :) I love him!!

Hermano Palma

Missionary Training Center in Mexico City (known as the CCM)
With his companion Elder Alford

This is Elder McMullen.
He came to the CCM the same day as I did, and I swear he is Matthew Herron's doppleganger!!!
Like in every way possible!!

My mission within Mexico-Chihuahua

Elder Alford, Elder Anton, Elder Fowler & Elder Beeson;
Beeson is like Elder Snapp that dad had on his mission!

My mission in Mexico compared to my friend Matthew Herron's in Peru.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I'm an UNCLE!!!

Congratulations Brooke and Dylan!!! I'm so happy for you both and the new addition to the family!:) He seriously is the most precious baby I've seen! I wish I was there to celebrate with you but there'll be plenty of time to do that when I get home!:) Isn't the knowladge of the Plan of Salvation just absolutley beautiful!? You and Dylan will be rockin' parents!:) I wish you and your family the best these next two years and pray for all of you individually. I had you in my thoughts all Tuesday and Wednesday!! 
Love you Brooke!:) give Krew a big hug and kiss for me please!!
Elder Fowler

Krew Karter Mooney-Born exactly 2 weeks after
Elder Fowler left on his mission- July 22, 2015
8Lbs 5oz, 21" long, 7:18pm
Happy Parents-Dylan and Brooke Mooney

Thinking about Uncle Preston and how Krew will
one day be a missionary himself.