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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

#104: Saying Goodbyes

(Below are pictures from Elder Fowler's last few days in the mission.  Many friendships were made over the course of his time in Chihuahua, Mexico)

June 17, 2017
Elder Fowler, Elder Farrera, Gabriel de la Cueva, Elder Portillo, Javier, & Elder Hatch
Hermano Gabriel and I

June 18, 2017
Brother Montoya and his two sons.

Brother Hugo, his wife (red dress), sister (white top) and his son Hugo Jr.

Brother Esau: reminds me of X-Man

Sister Eva and Brother Homero Carrillo

Hermana Cruz from Oaxaca, Mexico

Hermana Cruz and I with our crosses because we are "dead"

Elder Heindel (Minnesota)

Elder Fowler, Elder Hatch and Elder Heindel

Elders:Fowler, Hatch, Heindel, Radichel

Elder Hernandez from Acapulco, Mexico (nino)

Elder Radichel (Missouri)
Elder Portillo (Veracruz, Mexico)

Hermano Nain and his son

June 19, 2017
Elder Stockton (Oklahoma)

Elder Johnson

Elder Aguilar (El Salvador)
Elder Harrison (Arizona)
Elder Bautista (Tabasco, Mexico)
Elder Chan (Mexico City) and Elder Fardos (Auburn, CA)
Elder Bautista and Elder Johnson
Elder Hostman (Lovelock, NV)
Elder Mamani (Bolivia)
Elder Merlo (Honduras)

Elder Larsen, Elder Lee (Utah)

E. Vargas, Hermana Zaragoza Pres. and Sis. Montoya Hermana Cruz, E. Sanchez

Elder Sanchez (Mexico City)

Pres. and Sis. Montoya

June 20, 2017
Andrea, Alan, Zoe, Hermana Nelva and Hermano Noe Gonzales

E. Fardos, Andrea, Alan, Zoe, Nelva, Noe Gonzales, E. Chan
(Zoe said she only wanted to be baptized if Elder Fowler
could be there! She was baptized by her father Noe)

June 20, 2017
Zoe Gonzales with Elder Fowler on her
baptism day)

In front of "LA Cabana"

Members from Elder Sanchez' last ward who took us out to eat our last night in the mission

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