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Friday, July 17, 2015

#2: July 16, 2015: First Week at the MTC (known as the CCM in Mexico City)

Preston's companion, Elder Alford from Louisiana
Hey dad!
Elder Fowler is the second one from the right.

  I'm super excited to hear from you! The flight to Mexico from SLC was jammed packed with missionaries! I'm in a district with four companionship's in total. We are all super close and tell each other awesome experiences! I met up with Elder Twitchell at the gate in Reno but unfortunately I couldn't sit by him but it was all good!At the MTC, AKA the CCM, the food is bomb here and there's beans for DAYS! hahaha My companion is Elder Alford from Louisiana. Thursdays are my P-days in the CCM and today my district played our ZL (zone leaders) in basketball and lost by two! I was bummed but oh well... there's always next week! Last Thursday we had our first lesson to teach... in SPANISH!!! It was rough but I learned a lot about myself and how the Lord works. The language is really rough but I love it. I've learned so much this past week. More than I did taking two years of high school Spanish. I've been thinking a lot about you guys and thankful for all the prayers.
Love you, your son,
Elder Fowler

Hey Madre!
  I love you! This first week has been pretty hard... Last Thursday my companion and I, Elder Alford, from Louisiana had to teach a lesson to an investigator!!... In Spanish!! it was very hard but yesterday we were able to commit her to baptism! One hour of emailing is not enough time to talk to everybody but I wanted to make sure that I emailed you. I love you so much and hope this email doesn't bring you to tears... I've really enjoyed every second of the CCM and my testimony of the gospel has grown exceedingly! I am so happy I made the decision to serve the Lord. I pray for everyone back home everyday, especially you! I can definitely feel the prayers being sent my way, so thank you for being supportive of me! You're my #1 fan and that'll never change. I love ya momma!
With love, Your missionary,
Elder Fowler

The airport in México City.
It's not every day that you see a trash truck with a NIKE swoosh.
Elder Fowler's living quarters (on the Left) while in the CCM-he's obviously using the bedding they provided and not the ones he took.

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  1. Elder Fowler, I am so impressed with who you are and have become. We all miss you here, but know you are needed there more. Congratulations on your first lesson in Spanish and she committed to Baptism too?! Yay way to go. Your post to your mom brought me to tears, so I know she must have needed a towel for the tears. (Happy Ones)
    Khyree and I are doing well. He has been helping me pull weeds in the back yard. Actually he pulls the weeds, and I hold the bag open.
    On the 28th he will be taking his Senior Pictures so I am excited about that. Can't believe he has come so far in all that he does. I just love him so much. (Just a little biased.)
    Well won't take up so much of your time. Just wanted to leave you a message to say we are thinking of you and pray for you in all you do. Please be safe.
    Sister McPherson