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Thursday, March 17, 2016

#37: Same Area, Different Companion

This last week was really good!  I hardly spent any time with Elder Castro because we were on divisions all week with different companions. Elder Nicoll and I ran my area together and did some great work! :)

I went to Chihuahua yesterday and met my new companion!  Elder Herrera!  He's from Yucatan which is around Cancun!  haha  I think we will do great things here in Guerrero!  He has 16 months. As a missionary, I feel a great responsibility to help other missionaries be obedient and follow the mission rules and commandments.  The mission President must trust me to help them.

I haven't received my Easter box yet, but maybe this week because we go to Cuautemoc for a training meeting with President Chavez.  I'm super excited about that.  While in Chihuahua I looked to see when my release date is.  I think I'm coming home on June 19th, know what that means?  (That year on June 19th is his parent's 25th Anniversary-pretty cool) but maybe that will change with the new Mission President (we believe in July 2016, his mission will have a new mission president).

I love you all and and am grateful for your example.
Le amo,
Elder Fowler

This week's scripture to "Ponderize":

Mormon 9:27

O then despise not, and wonder not, but hearken unto the words of the Lord, and ask the Father in the name of Jesus for what things soever ye shall stand in need. Doubtnot, but be believing, and begin as in times of old, and come unto the Lord with all your heart, and work out your own salvation with fear and trembling before him.  

Elder Fowler and Elder Nicoll on Divisions (splits)

Elder Castro, upcoming Elder Fernando (leaves for his mission
to Mexico City Northeast on March 29, 2016, and Elder Fowler

Elder Fowler and Elder Castro saying goodbye.

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