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Monday, December 28, 2015

#26: Christmas In Mexico

(From his journal) This is one week that I don't think I'll forget for a long time. The reason being is that Christmas was this week and I felt love and gratitude for my Savior Jesus Christ.  I'm so grateful for this time of year, when I can think and ponder about Him and all that He did for me.

The week was filled of fun festivities with the branch here and the spirit of Christmas. On Monday there was a Christmas party with the Branch.  There was tamales, tamales, and more tamales! They are one of my favorite Mexican foods here!  We had a piñata, which was fun to break open and get candy!  Monday evening was really fun.

On Tuesday, we had an awesome capacitation with President Chavez.  He spoke about how obedience is the key to having success in the mission.  There were things he mentioned that I didn't know were mission rules.  So, it was good to be able to ask questions and resolve any confusion.  I think he spoke about obedience so if there was any disobedience, we can make a New Year's resolution to try better.

Christmas day was interesting to say the least!  We planned to talk to our families using Skype at around 5:00pm.  We had the morning and early afternoon to talk to people.  The problem was, that nobody was outside; they were in their homes with their families!  (We found out that in Preston's mission, they never go tracking-meaning door to door, they meet people on the streets mostly) When 5:00pm came, we were so excited to see and hear from our families!  But, we were having technical difficulties and couldn't figure out how to do it.  So, we ended up not being able to Skype on Christmas.  But, we tried again on Saturday morning after borrowing a web cam and ear phones from the local internet cafe and using them down at the church, so we were able to actually Skype with our families!  Hands down, this was the best gift this Christmas!  I'm so thankful for my family and all they do for me.  They are my biggest support.  I can't wait until Mother's day to see and talk with them again!  But until then, I have work to do!

The weather on Saturday was really sour and difficult.  It was really windy and cold all morning.  I know that the wind was bringing more weather our way.  We got SNOW!!  This was the second time this year and I was just as excited as the first time.  We got about a "name tag's" worth of snow....the long way, with is about 2 inches!

I wasn't able to take a shower for the past two days because the pipes that lead from the boiler to the house were FROZEN!!! haha  But this morning I was able to somewhat shower by using a bucket and hot water...wasn't the best but it got the job done! haha
That's my week here in Guerrero.  One week I really enjoyed and will never forget!

Beautiful Christmas tree in Mexico

So excited for snow!!!

Thank you for the Christmas gifts for both my companion and I.
I am using the electric blanket now and it works miracles!
(In his broken English, Elder Castro thanked us for the stocking and
other presents we sent him too, when we were Skyping with Preston)

These are the scripture covers and hymn book cover that I paid to have
made.  It only costs 440 pesos which is like around $25 for all three.
(A member there makes them-pretty cool!!)

(We thought it would be fun to all be wearing these mustaches
when our Skype session started)

(Even Krew got into it- This would be the first time
that Krew, his nephew, and Preston would see each other)

The Best part of Christmas this year-by far, was talking
to each other.

(Preston wanted us to do a crazy photo too)

(Love this missionary of ours)

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