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Monday, August 31, 2015

#9-First Baptism on August 29, 2015

I really love the pictures you sent this week. Some of them crack me up. Ha Ha! I did receive your package on Friday and it was just what I needed this week, so thank you so much!  Some really cool things happened this week!  My knowledge of the gospel and testimony have really grown through the hours we are given each morning to study the doctrine.  Also, we are given an hour each day for language study and I really enjoy being able to learn the Spanish language.  I think the hardest part of the language is listening to people talk.  They talk super fast and I only catch a couple words.  But it's just something that takes time and it'll soon come. We have a washer, but no dryer so we just hang our clothes out to dry and our washer is ghetto, so we have to manually fill it with water, then  drain it into a small trash can.. We've made messes with water all over our floor...mainly my companion's fault...haha...oh well :)

Our branch is really small, about 40-45 people attend church... and on Sunday, the missionaries were asked to bless the sacrament and it was really awesome doing so in Spanish.  I got it correct the first time!  Elder Vergara and I have a couple investigators that are really progressing and it's exciting seeing them come closer to Heavenly Father and the gospel.  Yesterday, August 29th, was one day that I won't ever forget!  We had our first baptism!  She's a 70 year old woman who everyone calls, "Abuela", which means, grandma.  I had the opportunity to perform the ordinance.  It was my first baptism ordinance and it was in Spanish!  Those kind of moments are the reason I wanted to serve a mission; to bring as many people I can into the waters of baptism to make covenants with our Father in Heaven.

 I really enjoy the Mexican people.  They are super nice and forgiving of my lack of Spanish.  Most doorways here aren't made for the average American.  I always have to duck my head before entering into homes!  Mexicans sure do know how to cook amazing food!  I haven't had anything that I didn't like.  The members treat us so well and it's such a blessing.  One time, we even had cheeseburgers with fries and beans!  It was a nice reminder of the food from the states!  Overall, it's been a great time down here, south of the border and if anything happens these next two years, It will be that I  am more converted to the gospel.  I love and miss all of you and hope all is well back in the states.
le Amo, tu hijo,
Elder Fowler

So excited that Elder Fowler received a package from home!
Now that we know how to send packages and that he will receive them,
we will be sending him more.
 Check out that cool shirt he is wearing too :)

A "Greenie" is a missionary that has just entered the mission field after being in the Missionary Training Center.
It was fun to send him all kinds of green items from home.

Elder Fowler-He is wearing the same white tie that his dad
wore when he baptized people while serving in
the San Bernardino, CA mission between 1990-1992

August 29, 2015- Elder Fowler was able to baptize
this sweet 70 year old woman.  This would be
Preston's first baptism ordinance that he would do in Spanish.

As his mom, I must say, these pictures of this baptism brought
tears to my eyes, seeing my son dressed in white, ready to baptize
this sweet woman that everyone calls, "Abuela", meaning grandma. 
The sister missionaries with Elder Veraga, the woman being baptized,
and Elder Fowler

Elder Fowler's nephew, Krew was
blessed on August 30, 2015 in Reno, NV

We didn't want to leave Preston out of the special blessing day,
so we brought him along with us.

Elder Fowler was certainly thought of today during Krew's blessing.

This was a sweet reminder that Preston would have been in the
circle when his nephew, Krew was blessed.  Oh how we miss him!

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