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Thursday, August 13, 2015

#6 Last Week in the CCM (Missionary Training Center)

This is my last week in the CCM and I can't wait to get out of here! Not because it's bad or anything but because I'm itching to get to the mission field. I guess when I fly to Chihuahua I'll be charged for my second bag, and then my carry-on cannot be more than 22 lbs! I think i should be ok but I'll pay for my second bag using my card. I used it a little bit ago to make sure I'd be able to pay for my bags with it. Seriously, everyone in my district has senioritis! haha its hilarious! Elder Anton, Beeson, Alford and myself are the only gringos going to chihuahua with about 20 other latinos! They seriously love us!! They call us their sons and want to party every night! haha We taught them the really big dance moves in the USA and they always want me to Whip for them! its hilarious! 
I'm happy everything is going great back at home. As always, I'm praying for you all!:) I definitely don't miss going to high school! I'd much rather serve a mission! haha I hope that because you all are so busy that time will fly by as it is for me! I see that Brecken is wearing a pair of shorts of mine! Even though I'm in Mexico, I still know when he wears my stuff! :) haha

This week as felt like the last semester of high school.  Senioritis is strong these last couple days in the CCM.  But they've been some of the best days thus far.  Last Friday, we had TRC (teaching real converts) and most of the time we teach members from outside of the CCM. But this time, Elder Alford and I taught an investigator who was a legitimate investigator. At first, I was kinds nervous because it was a first real experience teaching investigators.  The lesson we taught her was so applicable for her life and I know that she was feeling the spirit.  It's amazing how you can plan a whole lesson and the Spirit directs you to do something different.  It's so easy to teach the gospel when you have the Holy Ghost as a companion.  
On Sunday, I was asked to give a talk in sacrament....In SPANISH!  I was a little freaked out and I wrote down word for word the things I wanted to say.  When I got to the podium, I didn't even look at my talk, except to read a couple scriptures.   I gelt the Gift of Tongues work within me, to the point I could say the things I wanted to say freely.  My talk was only supposed to be about 5 minutes, but I ended up speaking for 10!  I lost track of time and let the Holy Spirit guide my thoughts and words.  I guess this week my testimony of the Holy Ghost has grown so much!  On Tuesday, we watched a talk given by Jeffrey R. Holland about the divine companionship of the Holy Ghost.  One thing he said that will stick with me throughout my life was, "There's three members in a companionship; your companion, yourself and the Holy Ghost.  We need to decide if the Holy Ghost is the Senior companion, the Junior companion, or neither.  When we allow the Holy Ghost to be the Senior companion, the Lord is able to direct our actions and our words."  
I'm super excited to get into the field and declare repentance and share the message of the Restoration.  I only have three more days left in the CCM.  I already love the people in Chihuahua.  The Lord has prepared them to hear and accept the everlasting gospel.  I know this church is true and am so thankful for the opportunity to learn and grown spiritually in the gospel.
As always, much love from your son,
Elder Fowler
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